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Sunday 18 December 2011

Permanent Magnetic Lifters

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The quick, safe and easy way to lift ferrous materials and work pieces. These are two Pole Permanent Magnetic Lifters. The two poles are at the bottom of the lifter. These lifters use high grade Magnets for producing strong magnetic flux path through the two poles. The lifter is placed on the MS flat/block that is to be lifted. The turn of the handle in its ON position with MS flat/block/cylinders (to be lifted) at the bottom ensures completion of magnetic flux path through the MS body. The MS body gets attached to the lifter. The turn of the handle in its OFF position detaches the MS body from the magnetic lifter.
Working Principle:
Permanent lifter is made up of two parts, such as permanent sucker and discharge device. The permanent sucker is made up of permanent magnet and magnet-conductive plate. The magnetic force wire generated by the permanent magnet will go through the magnet-conductive plate, attracted materials and form a closed circuit thus to achieve the purpose of lifting the steel materials. It is suitable for being used to lift and transport magnet-conductive billets, plates and rounds in industries of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, shipyard, car factory, dock and etc.

Detailed Product Description
We are the most prestigious manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Permanent Magnet Lifter, offered at reasonable price for ensuring the complete satisfaction of customers. These Permanent Magnet Lifters are made-up of remarkable quality raw materials to ensure better quality and performance of products. We send all products for multistage quality check-up before supplying to the customers, which ensure customers satisfaction. Our company is supported by skilled worker who have specialization in this field. "Star-Lift" Permanent Magnetic Lifter Compact and lightweight Suitable for flat and round material Very high Lift to its weight ratio Quick & easy operation with On/Off system Neodymium Magnetic Powered System Improves plant Safety no direct contact with men Large and heavy work piece can be moved/handled safely and easily by only one operator.
Permanent Star-Lift Magnet Handling Heavy weight products has made easy by Permanent Star-Lift Magnet These Magnetic Lifters are widely used in the industry. Apart from machine tool they are used in variety of industries. The Idea behind is to cut the time by conventional, unsafe handling to safe, secure and faster operation of lifting and handling of heavy products. Construction of Permanent Star-Lift Magnet is itself a high-end technology with careful selection of material and testing. Our experience and feedback of our customers have made our product more reliable than any others Notes: Holding Values for the Power Lift Magnets are stated at 33% of the actual value.
When lifting sheets over 4'x8', use 2 or more lifts on a spreader bar to prevent sheet flexing, sagging or peel-off. Material less than 3/8" thick is susceptible to magnetic bleed through, resulting in two sheets being lifted at once. *Round Item Holding Values are based on ideal conditions. Pipes length, Wall thickness diameter and surface condition can all affect the magnets performance. Please consult the factory before specifying these magnets for use on round material. These sheet sizes are selected due to the sag characteristics of the specified sheet. All other maximum sheet sizes are recommended due to the weight of the specified sheet. Note: Technical data and specification subject to change.

Basic Techniques:
Attach the permanent magnet lifter to suitably tested lifting equipment, using the body hook. To attach the permanent magnet lifter to the item being lifting, simply offer the base of the unit up to a clean, grease free on the item. Determine the load weight and centre of gravity as accurately as possible. Once in position, move the magnet level fully anticlockwise until it is held captive by the level lock. Once attached, rise and move the item to where it is required. Before lifting/moving, ensure the load is free and not restrained by fixings etc. Lift the load a nominal distance to check balance and security of the load. Use tag lines to control long or bulky load.



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